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Our task as your external data protection officer is to enable the implementation of the GDPR for you in a cost-effective, simple, time-saving and legally compliant manner.

The role of the data protection officer in the company provides for some special regulations. For example, his or her task must not conflict with other activities in the company, which may mean assigning an employee to this task exclusively or hiring new staff.

The fact that the data protection officer is not bound by instructions can lead to additional conflict, which can be a stress test not only for the appointed employee, but also for the entire company.

The long-term conflict-free and cost-effective option is to purchase my services as an external data protection officer for your area of responsibility.

Your employees continue to focus exclusively on their core tasks and the company's goals, while the external data protection officer acts to protect you, free from conflicts of interest and operational blindness.

We protect our customers from data subjects and the data protection authority.

Our scope of services:

✔  Survey of the current status of your area of responsibility in terms of data protection law.
✔  Support to achieve legal requirements.
✔  Development, expansion, and testing of data protection concepts.
✔  Data protection training and awareness raising for your employees.
✔  Processing of requests for information or complaints under data protection law.
✔  We represent you before the data protection authority.
✔  24/7 availability in case of data protection incidents (hacker attacks, intrusions, etc.).

Services in the field of compliance

✔  At we support you in implementing the Whistleblower Protection Act in a secure, cost-effective and legally compliant manner.
     With our system, you are also on the safe side when it comes to the requirements of the planned supply chain due diligence law.
✔  We are happy to audit whistleblower systems that have already been implemented.
✔  We act as your external human rights representative according to ยง 4 (3) dLkSG.
✔  We accompany your project management for the implementation of the EU DORA Regulation.
✔  We support you in fulfilling the obligations according to the sustainability reporting (EU CSRD - Directive).

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